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«The last Friday of each month is the day of cleanliness»

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«Zulmat zhyldar zardabyv»

The Local History Museum of Atyrau Region hosted a temporary exhibition "Zulmat zhyldar zardaby", dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repressions, May 31.

Cultural Workers Day

On May 21, on the occasion of the day of workers of culture and art, Akim of Atyrau region S. Shapkenov presented a letter of thanks to the museum employee from the department of research support of general history, archeology and ethnography E. Muhambetkalieva.

«Konіldi Start»

Employees of the Atyrau Regional Museum of Local History and Local Lore took part in the Spartakiad "Konіldi Start", held among cultural figures on the occasion of the Day of Workers of Culture and Art, organized by the Atyrau City Department of Culture, Language Development and the Department of Physical Culture and Sports.

«Night at the Museum»

The event "Night at the Museum" was held on May 18 in honor of the International Museum Day by the local history museum of Atyrau region.

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