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Korzhyn exhibition

In the local history museum of the Atyrau region, from January 13 to 22, on the basis of the museum fund, in order to glorify Kazakh national values, a temporary exhibition was held on the theme “Ulttyk koloner tarbie kozi”.

About 20 korzhyns and kermes were hung at the exhibition, demonstrating the best examples of textile products of the Kazakh people. Through this exhibition, the diversity of the traditional weaving culture of our people was shown, information was given on the materials and techniques for making products, their scope, and household functions.

   Korzhyn made of wool, felt and pile, as well as kerme of various shapes were presented at the exhibition. One of them is korzhyn, donated by the former akim of Astana Tasmagambetov Imangali Nurgaliuly in 1999 on the occasion of the relocation of the local history museum of Atyrau region to a new building. Korzhyn is made of wool and woven without lint. It is made in a square shape, red-brown in color, the surface is patterned, the hem is fringed.

Korzhyn, woven by this method of carpet weaving, was made by Janylsyn Taganova, a retired craftswoman from the village of Kosshagil in the city of Atyrau. Korzhyn was transferred to the museum fund in 1978. The surface of the korzhyn is piled, red in color and has a diamond-shaped pattern.

Another type of basket on display is the kuda korzhyn. This basket was made by craftswoman Azima Zhamambayeva in 1990 using the face weaving method, and the surface is woven with a face weaving pattern of red, green, blue and yellow threads. Two drawstring pockets in the middle. Korzhyn was acquired in 2007 in order to replenish the museum collection with ethnographic artifacts.

Another basket is the work of Balkunshe Kurmanovna, a Kazakh craftswoman exiled to Karakalpakstan in 1931 during a famine. Kulmyshev Sandibay, her grandson, kept this product for many years. In 2017, this artifact was transferred to the museum fund.

Some exhibits were also exhibited at this exhibition. In 1990, Atyrau resident Nakov Akylberdi collected one of them as a collection of Mangistau people, as well as Kazakhs who immigrated from Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Mongolia. Kerme is woven and sewn using the carpet weaving method and the tykyr technique. The surface is woven with red, dark brown, orange thread, and the lining is decorated with light woolen thread. Kerme was transferred to the museum fund in 2019.

Tektilik tugyrynan taimagan

On January 20, an evening was held at the Kurmangazy Palace of Culture, at which the presentation of the book of memoirs “Tektilik tugyrynan taimagan” dedicated to the Honorary Citizen of Atyrau Region, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Oryngali Karasaev, with details of the life of a famous person.

The evening was attended by the wife of Oryngali Musauly - Dametiya Karasaeva, akim of the region Serik Shapkenov and representatives of the intelligentsia well-known in our region, and the audience was shown a documentary film revealing the civil character of the veteran. After that, a book written about his life path was presented, with memories of the hero.

During the event, the visitors of the evening viewed a traveling exhibition dedicated to Oryngali Karasaev, prepared by the local history museum of Atyrau region.

This exhibition presented information about the youth, early career and activities of Oryngali Musauli, photographs of his parents and family, state awards and service certificates, orders and medals, books and manuscripts, a collection of articles, as well as his personal belongings (hat and tie, desktop writing set, glasses, pen, notepad, leather folder).

Asyl dombyra - in Atyrau

On January 20 2023 the collection of exhibits of the local history museum of the Atyrau region was replenished with "Asyl dombra".

In 2022, on the stage of the theater of traditional art "Alatau" on the slopes of Alatau, organized by the Agency "Khabar" and the public fund "Asyltas", a competition of akyns "Asyl dombyra - 2022" was held. 17 regions and 3 cities from all over the country took part in it in total. Among them there were akyns from Atyrau, who defended the honor of the region, which reached the final of the republican competition and were named in the top.

During the creative competition, our akyns Shynarbek Kabiev, Syrymbek Sarsembaev, Shalkarbay Izbasarov entered the Atyrau squad, which defeated the akyns of Astana, Akmola, Kyzylorda, and in the final stage performed on a par with the artists of the Zhambyl region. Chairman of the board of the «Khabar Agency» JSC Berik Uali, chairman of the Assyltas public fund Dulat Tastekeyev, first deputy chairman of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, akyn Akberen Elgezek, and akyn Shugayyp Sezimkhandar specially arrived to present "Asyl dombyra" to the local history museum of the Atyrau region.

Deputy akim of the Atyrau region Zhasulan Bisembiev spoke at the ceremony, expressing sincere gratitude to the guests who came to present "Asyl dombyra" and wishing creative success to outstanding akyns. After the wishes of the honored guests to the aityskers, akyn Akberen Elgezek handed "Asyl dombyra" to the head of the local history museum of Atyrau region Mukhambetkali Kipiev. Akyns, who performed in Alaman, were awarded letters of thanks from Khabar Agency JSC and the «Assyltas» Public Foundation.

At the end of the event, the guests visited the exposition halls of our museum.

"Let's be rich and powerful!"

The opening ceremony of the traveling exhibition "Let's be rich and powerful!", dedicated to the 70thanniversary of Kazakh journalist Nurtileu Imangaliuly,was heldat the Local History Museum of Atyrau Regionon September 6, 2022.
The presentation ribbon of the exhibition was cut by Deputy Akim of Atyrau region Zhassulan Bissembiyev, a Hero of Labor of Kazakhstan, a composer Ilya Zhakanov, Nurtileu Imangaliuly's wife Karlygash Tabuldinova, soul brother-friend Amantay Bergaliyev; it wasaimed at publicizing the role in society and significant works ofa winner of the Order of "Parassat", an Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, an Honored Journalist of Kazakhstan, a winner of the Kazakhstan Union of Journalists award and "Golden Star" award, an Honored Professor the Kazakh National Academy of Art Nurtileu Imangaliuly.
First of all, the audience gathered at the exhibition was treated to a theatrical scene called "Meeting with Atyrau Residents", where an actor of the Makhambet Academic Theater performed the role of Nurtileu Imangaliuly and his voice acting.
After that, Deputy Akim of Atyrau region Zhassulan Bissembiev, who made speech first, said that the creative path of the journalist, who was in the field of Kazakh television, remains a great example for all young professionals of the television industry.
- Nurtileu Imangaliuly is one of the citizens who brought innovation to
Kazakh television, being the author of many outstanding TV programs and projects. He also worked a lot in promoting Kazakh traditions. Therefore, the organization of such an event in Atyrau land has its own pattern.
Next, Balaussa Khalelova, Deputy Director of the Atyrau regional branch of "Kazakhstan-Atyrau" RTRCshared her memories of the ardent journalist. At that time, he reminisced with excitement the vivid moments of his interview with Nurtileu Imangaliuly in the TV program "Our Hero" presented by the "Kazakhstan-Atyrau" TV channel.
And the well-known journalist Kanat Auesbay, who was his brother- colleague for many years, distinguished the civil and human qualities of a talented person and told memories of the times he worked with Nurtileu Imangaliuly.
After that, Nurtileu Imangaliuly's wife, Karlygash Sovetkhankyzy, expressed her best wishes and expressed her gratitude to the Regional Akimat and the museum staff, who supported the exhibition.

In addition, Nurtileu Imangaliuly's brother-friend, an honored figure of Kazakhstan, an "Honored Citizen" of Inder district Amantay Bergaliyev, a Kazakhstan's Labor Hero, a composer Ilya Zhakanov, the chairman of the Atyrau regional branch of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan, Koyshigul Zhylkyshiyev expressed their heartfelt thoughts at the start of the event.
The traveling exhibition was attended by representatives of the intelligentsia of the region, veterans of the publishing and television industry, representatives of the culture industry and media workers, students.
At the exhibition open to residents and guests of Atyrau from September 6 to 27, Nurtileu Imangaliuly's broadcast clothes, cameras and film recorders, state and holiday awards, books and watches, personal manuscripts and desktop items, service certificates and personal documents, sports clothes and used items of Nurtileu Imangaliuly were presented. About 200 personal belongings were put on public notice.

Otyrar exhibition in Atyrau

 The grand opening of the mobile exhibition "The Great Silk Road and the Medieval Civilization of the Otyrar Plain" organized by the "Otyrar" State Archaeological Museum-Reserve was held in the Local History Museum Atyrau Region on August 4.
During the event, which was attended by intellectuals and famous historians of the region, members of the scientific council of the museum, representatives of cultural institutions, Assiya Kystaubayeva, Acting Head of the Department of Culture, Language Development and Archives of Atyrau region, spoke first and extended her regard to the employees of the State Archaeological Museum-Reserve "Otyrar", who brought valuable relics to Zhayik on behalf of Atyrau residents; and she wished success in the work of the mobile exhibition, which reveals the secrets of the past history of our people and presents complete and accurate information.
After that, the director of the State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Sarayshik" Abilseyit Muktar said that the history of the relics found in the ancient medieval city is in harmony with the city of Sarayshik, and said that such exhibitions bring spiritual nourishment to the hearts of local residents.
Next, Director of the State Archaeological Museum-Reserve “Otyrar”, Zhankeldy Makashov, elaborated the historical place of Otyrar city in the world civilization, and described the features of the artifacts to be exhibited.
Acting Head of the Local History Museum of Atyrau Region, Dinara Bissembayeva, in her turn, presented 5-volumed book on the valuable relics of the Atyrau region to the team of the State Archaeological Museum-Reserve"Otyrar" and "Letter of Gratitude" wishing the two cultural groups to develop creative relations further ahead.
After that, the honor of cutting the presentation ribbon of the mobile exhibition was given to Assiya Kystaubayeva, the Acting Head of the Atyrau Region Department of Culture, Language Development and Archives, Zhankeldy Makashov, Director of the State Archaeological Museum-Reserve “Otyrar”, and Dinara Bissembayeva, the Acting Head of the Local History Museum of Atyrau Region.
During the event, the art amateurs of the Kurmangazy Palace of Culture presented their art to the public.
The exhibition, which provided information about the medieval city of Otyrar located along the Great Silk Road to the residents and guests of the city of Atyrau, presented the valuable artifacts found during excavations in the historical city, served visitors to the museum from August 4-29.
The exhibition, which provides detailed information about the city of Otyrar, where the famous thinker Al-Farabi was born, includes types of candlesticks of the 10-12 centuries, pots and jars with handles made in various styles, parts of water pipes, decorative mugs, lids of various shapes, bowls and plates, an inkwell and cup, a collection of beads and buttons found in the medieval city were presented.
In addition, Tashkent, Yassy, Bukhara, Samarkand, Shagatay, Karakhanid, Kytay tenge and dirhams found in the ancient city were put on public notice.
At the exhibition, the audience could see various vessels and glass vases made of Alambik glass, inscribed casings and patterned bricks covering the buildings of the ancient city, palette and spherical cone, and Chinese dishes made of celadon porcelain. The work "Diwani Hikmet" found in the city, the grammar work "Tartibi Zibo" of that era and the religious books of "Mulla Kassym" were put on public viewing as an integral part of the exhibition.
In general, the mobile exhibition, which includes more than 80 artifacts in chronological order, consists of two parts. In the first part, the results of researches describing the life in Otyrar during the 191-12th cc. and the original relic typical to those periods are collected; the second part contains material relics that inform about the development periods of Otyrar during the reign of the famous Sultan Amir Temir and the Kazakh Khanate.

Exhibition dedicated to the National Hero Khiuaz Dospanova in Uralsk

On May 25-29, 2022, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the National Hero Khiuaz Dospanova, the Local History Museum of Atyrau Region held a travelling exhibition "Legendary Kazakh Heroine" in Uralsk, that tells about the life and brave deeds on the battlefield of the first Kazakh pilotesse.

Chief Specialist of the Department of Culture of the West Kazakhstan region Akzhol Ramazanov, Honored Worker of Culture of Kazakhstan, local historian, veteran of the museum Sara Tanabayeva spoke at the opening ceremony of the exhibition at the Local History Museum of the West Kazakhstan in Uralsk about the first Kazakh pilotesse Khiuaz Dospanova and her remarkable heroic deeds of the national heroine from oil region on the battlefield and in peaceful life, and her personal characteristics.  

Acting Deputy Head of the Local History Museum of Atyrau Region Yerlan Tlekkabylov, who explained the importance and value of the exhibition, expressed his gratitude to the staff of the Local History Museum of the West Kazakhstan, who took part in arranging the exhibition, and presented the museum with a 5-volume catalog containing exhibits of the Local History Museum of Atyrau Region. The West Kazakhstan residents, in turn, presented a letter of thanks from the Department of Culture of the West Kazakhstan region to the Local History Museum of Atyrau Region. 

Representatives of the regional intelligentsia, daughter of Garifa Mazhitkyzy, friend of Khiuaz Dospanova, Olga Ramazanovna, director of Kh. Yessenzhanov Regional Children's and Youth Library Elvira Amangaliyeva, Director of Zh.Moldagaliyev Regional Universal Library Sholpan Urazayeva, Candidate of historical sciences Baktyly Boranbayeva, teachers and students of schools, universities and colleges of the city took part in the event dedicated to promote the names of ancestors who showed incomparable heroism on the battlefield.

The exhibition, which was visited by residents and guests of Uralsk, is mainly about the heroic feat of navigator-pilotesse Khiuaz Dospanova, who planed as an eagle in the sky and flew more than 300 times in the battle against the enemy, during the war with the German invaders. On the specially created exhibition walls, photos of the "Winged Girl" with her family members, relatives, friends of soldiers, front-line letters, awards received over the years of work were presented to the audience. In addition, a series of articles about the heroic figure and a letter from the writer Abu Sarsenbayev to the hero of the day, as well as devices used by the Kazakh brave girl on the battlefield  and personal belongings used in peacetime were displayed.

In addition, a series of articles about the heroic figure and a letter from the writer Abu Sarsenbayev to the heroine, as well as devices used by the Kazakh brave girl at the front and personal belongings used in peacetime were displayed.

The travelling exhibition also gives information about the sons of the oil region who showed courage in the fight against the German-fascist invaders, Kairgali Smagulov, Boran Nyssanbayev, Mussa Baimukhanov, Georgiy Kantsev, Mukat Mussayev, Alexander Afanasyev, Philip Mazurov, Ivan Makhorin who were awarded the title of "Hero of the Soviet Union" and full holders of the Order "Glory" Shukur Yerkinov, Gizat Alipov, Yevgeniy Polynin, Sakip Kyzylov, Gavriyl Shamin. Another exhibition "Double star of the East" presents information about Aliya Moldagulova, Manshuk Mametova, and their photos from school and at the front. At the same time, historical data and photos about Guryev Infantry School and the military hospital, where during the war the commanders of machine guns, mortars, rifle platoons were sent to the front, as well as information on personal characteristics of veterans and Home Front workers who participated in the Great Victory Parade were presented.   

The audience was able to see samples of military clothing used during the war, military equipment, radio,telephone, gloves and socks sent from the rear, and other items.


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