The general and recent history research department

The general and recent history research department was formed in the first opening period of museum.

The key purpose of the general and recent history research department is to research the materials and information stating life and activity of history figures, to collect cultural heritage left from an ancestry and local history. As a result of this research, “Local history of I half of XII-XX centuries”, “The Great Patriotic War between 1941 and 1945”, “History of Independent Kazakhstan” expositional room was supplied with historical value and offered to audience.

The department stuff took part in “Chronicle of Rich Kyzylkor”, “Holy Zhylyoy is the center of national handicraft” and other scientific expedition and made a contribution to complete a museum fund.


The archeological research department

The archeological research department is engaged in conducting archeological research, evaluating archeological memorabilia in museum scientific fund, recording, organizing the exposition of an exhibition on an archeological theme. Along with that, the department arranges an archeological expedition, excavates regional historical and cultural monuments. At the result of this expedition, it was offered to an authorized body for protecting defined new historical and cultural objects.

The main activity of the archeological research department is to inform spectators on exhibition works. The purpose of department staff is to bring to spectator’s notice old memorabilia, to get them interested in our history, to publicize national heritage, to explain the value of memorabilia and to improve intellectual culture of the spectator.

The department stuff conducted archeological exploration works of Naryn and Taysoygan sand, took part in excavating Kylysh, Borsyk, Zhangeldi, Kyzylkabak citadels of the Early Iron Age and Taskesheu caravanserai of the Middle Age, Aktobe town in the region.


The museum’s scientific fund departmen

The museum’s scientific fund department duty is to fill, to register museum fund, to research museum things from point of scientific view, develop, describe, notch, arrange the sore for keeping, and check them.

Museum scientific fund includes archival photo- documents having a historical value, memorabilia, numismatic materials, ethnographic and jewelry, arms, works of pictorial art found under the archeological excavation.

Nowadays the total number of museum fund makes up 59298 (01.07.2016), 29204 is principal, 30094 is supplemental. The collected memorabilia of museum scientific fund is divided into collection.

In particular:

· Palaeontological

· Archeological

· Numismaics (paper, coins, medal, badge);

· Flags, banderols, bands;

· Old books, books, phot albums, charts, portrait photograph;

· Record, audio, video cassette, CD, DVD disks;

· Musical instruments;

· Dresses

· Knitted fabric (rugs, yurta belonings, binding, macramé, stitched felt, alasha, tekemet, colored felt);

· Woody materials of yurta;

· Arming

· Animal and bird’s skin, art pictures, sculpture, iron, brass, wood material, national centers, different things, horse harness, lash and etc.)


An excursion and mass service department

An excursion and mass service department prepares excursion program, methodical documents on museum exposition theme, organizes arrangements, removal exhibition, lectures and excursion.

The principal duties of the department:

· To attract a spectator to a museum;

· To develop and arrange the excursion program;

· To arrange the excursion, mass festive events;

· To involve mass media in the exhibition, presentation and make advertisements;

The department stuffs enhance relationship with municipal and regional schools, tourist and other agencies; attract spectators to events, lecture and excursion, museum exhibit display.

They publicize local history through mass media and scientific reports in the conference, seminar, session relating to local history and museum activity.

“Young traveler” club was formed and conducts activities under the department.


Expositional, exhibition work

In Atyrau regional local history museum expositional, exhibition work was formed in 1990, since then it has been conducted works on arranging exposition rooms, and making a documental film about the biography of figures, accepting an order from the agencies, advising on preservation work of the museum department, experimental help.

The museum is engaged with organization of exhibition concerning to historical figures and eventful days timely once a quarter at regional scales, show of temporary exhibition and exposition for an attention of spectator, drawing scientific conclusion after studying of literature and data, making a scheme of exhibition, developing the method of placing showpieces, restoring of exposition, provision of exhibition and removal exhibition for the purpose of publicizing to future generation, city guests the memorabilia in its fund.

For the purpose of enhancing an inter museum relations the removal exhibition was organized on the theme “Melody of ancient world” (2006) in Aktobe region, “Treasure of centuries” (2007) in the South Kazakhstan, “Zhaiyk shore shares the secret” (2008) in the museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2015), for cultural day in the South Kazakhstan (2015), “Atyrau is city that centuries share the secret about” (2016) in“Aziret Sultan” park museum.

In the museum the expositional rooms such as “”Local culture and literature”, “The Great Patriotic War between 1941 and 1945”, “Independence of Kazakhstan” for 25 years of Kazakhstan’s independence, are arranged.

A preservation work is conducted at regional scale on the social base for the museum.


The department of ethnography and local history

The department of ethnography and local history research studies the custom and tradition of the Kazakhs and popularize it to rising generation.

Along with that, the department is engaged in researching the past and present history of local nature, collecting its past and present flora and fauna, handing down it to future generation.

The department staffs curry out a scientific research, sort the collected data and come to conclusion; give it to museum’s fund, organize ethnographical expedition around the regional area, arrange the exposition and exhibition on the different theme, conduct lessons and hold cultural events, hold meetings with ethnographer, ecologist, geologist scholars, jeweler, master of handiwork, hold scientific and experimental conferences. On top of that, writing an article, interviewing on a department activity in mass media, arranging television projects with TV channels about the customs and traditions of the Kazakh help to improve department’s work.

The ethnographical expedition was organized by the department staffs for the purpose of completing museum fund and researching ethnocultural heritage in Zhylyoy (2003), Kyzylkoga (2006), Kurmagazy regions. In course of expedition ancient handiworks handing down from generation to generation: jewelry, textile work, handiworks, types of national dresses, household goods, historical documents were found and given to museum fund. Therefore an ecological scientific conference on theme: “Today and Tomorrow of Atyrau nature” was arranged by the department staffs.


Local history museum of Atyrau region

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