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"Pearl of the Great Steppe" exposition in Kyzylkoga district

A presentation of the temporary traveling exposition "Pearl of the Great Steppe" of the Local History Museum of Atyrau region dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in Miyaly village

of Kyzylkoga district on the 30th anniversary of Independence.Akim of Kyzylkoga district Nursultan Bissembiyev, deputies of the district maslikhat, akims of rural districts and labor veterans, employees of various spheres and residents of the district took

part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition in the district museum.Akim of the district Nursultan Orakuly spoke at the cultural event and said that the promotion of our most valuable artifacts to the people of the district will expand the spiritual field

of the local population and create a positive attitude to the history of the country.During the event, akim of the district handed over a letter of thanks dedicated to the management of the Local History Museum of Atyrau region to the employee of the regional

museum Yerlan Tlekkabylov. After that, local historian, Honorary Citizen of Kyzylkoga district Kumar Khasanov spoke about the historical sites and valuable artifacts of the region and wished success to the exhibition, which provides a wealth of information

about the history of the region. In turn, the employee of the regional museum Yerlan Konyskereyevich presented a letter of thanks from the head of the regional museum Rashida Kharipova to the administration, which supported the exhibition, and presented the

Kyzylkoga district museum with a 5-volume scientific catalog of artifacts of the Atyrau regional museum.

The traveling exposition, which was visited by Kyzylkoga residents from November 30 to December 6, 2017, included the reconstruction of the Sarmatian woman "Pearl of the Great Steppe" found in Miyaly burial mounds, birch bark,

iron bow arrows, bronze arrowheads, horse harnesses, belts and clothing stickers.


Following the results of work of the international scientific-practical conference "The Great Nation - the Golden Horde" which has taken place on October 27-29, 2021 in Atyrau, the following resolution has been accepted:

  1. Systematization of the international historiography of the Golden Horde civilization in terms of a new global perspective; In order to scientifically clarify the place of the history of the Golden Horde in world history,

to conduct a comprehensive study at the international level in the study of political, social, ethnogenetic and cultural development between the Golden Horde and Deshti-Kipchak; Scientific determination of the historical continuity of the problem of peculiarities

and uniqueness in the issue of traditional power in the Golden Horde. Strengthening ties between foreign scholars studying the Golden Horde era and the country's humanitarian institutes, launching joint projects;

  1. Altyn Orda - opening of a research center funded from the national budget to study the role of Jochi Ulus in the history of the Kazakh Khanate, taking into account the important historical role of Jochi Ulus in the formation

of the Kazakh statehood and the Kazakh people;

  1. Introduce the results of archeological excavations of the Golden Horde period into scientific circulation and supervise the scientific organization at the international level, presenting restored, conserved versions of historical

artifacts to the public in the exposition and exhibition work. Continuous archeological excavations in the cities and settlements of the Golden Horde period and its financing at the governmental level;

4.Taking into consideration the lack of specialists in the study of the history of ethnic relations between the Golden Horde - Jochi Ulys and the Kazakh Khanate in the history of ancient and medieval Kazakhstan, the recommendation

was addressed to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to increase the number of educational grants in these specialties;

  1. If we consider that today the group "History and Archeology" is considered together in educational programs, it is known that due to the limited number of grants, there is a clear shortage of professionals in society. In

this regard, in order to address the key issue, to propose to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to consider the division of these educational groups into individual educational programs and specialties "History", "Archeology",

"Museums and Monuments";

  1. Creation of a separate exhibition exposition dedicated to the history of state studies in the National Museum of Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan) ;
  2. Development of historical and cultural tourism on the basis of Saraishyk and Ulytau monuments;
  3. Popularization of the main historical symbols of the history of Kazakhstan in the Golden Horde: Jochi, Batu, Berke, Tuka-Temir, Nogai, Uzbek-khan, Zhanibek-khan, Urus-khan, Edige-bi, Toktamysh-khan, etc .;
  4. Recognition of Kazakhstan in the international arena as the successor of the Great Steppe Empire, including the Golden Horde;
  5. Carrying out educational programs on state TV channels and well-known domestic news agencies to promote the history of the Great Nation through the media and Internet resources;
  6. In this case, it is possible to open a permanent Internet resource (channel), through which well-known specialists, scientists, publicists can consider the possibility of describing the history and culture of the Golden

Horde and Turkic states and the lives of famous figures from a scientific view;

  1. Installation of a monument to Kassym Khan in Atyrau region;
  2. Establishment of the Golden Horde Museum in Atyrau;
  3. Carrying out of scientific exploration, archeological excavations in the cities of the Golden Horde in the territory of Atyrau region together with institutes.
A regular meeting of the Academic Council was held

The Local History Museum of Atyrau regional, which preserves the rich collection of historical artifacts of the region and promotes its invaluable value to the public, held a regular meeting of the Scientific Council.
As it is known, in accordance with the instructions of the President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev on the occasion of the glorifying the Golden Horde, the Atyrau region hosted an international scientific-practical conference "Ulug Ulus - Golden Horde". The resolution of the conference was adopted at the event lasted for 3 days on the basis of the comments and reports of the historians-scientists from different parts of our country. In this document, the proposal to create an exhibition hall "Ulug Ulus - Golden Horde" in the Local History Museum of Atyrau region was approved. On this basis, the scientific concept of the exhibition hall was approved in accordance with the decision of the meeting of the Academic Council established at the museum.

Leader of the oil ocean

The Local History Museum of Atyrau regional hosted a historical and educational lesson on "Leader of the oil ocean" dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the State Prize Laureate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honored Oil Worker of the USSR Zholdaskali Dosmukhambetov.
The event was attended by students of K. Dutbayeva Pedagogical College and specialists of the museum. Participants of the lesson saw the orders and medals of the famous oilman, who twice became a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR, "Badge of Honor", "Red Banner of Labor", "Lenin", "October Revolution".
It was noted at the event that Zholdaskali Akhmetuly, who made a significant contribution to the development of Kazakhstan's oil, was the first scientist to introduce a seismic method of oil exploration in the Emba field. In addition, the exposition of documents and photos collected in the museum fund of the Honorary Oilman was explained in detail.
The course was conducted by Azhar Karamurzina, a specialist of the research sector of general and modern history of the Local History Museum of Atyrau region.

Information about Makash akim is exposed in the National Museum

The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted an exhibition "Bokei Horde - the heritage of the country" in the framework of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the 220th anniversary of the Bukey Horde and the 180th anniversary of the first school in Kazakhstan - Zhangir School.
Within the framework of the exhibition, the life story of Makash Bekmukhamedov, a well-known Kazakh, Russian, Nogai and Kalmyk public figure, educator and scientist living in the Bukey Horde from the Volga-Urals, and various awards of the famous elder from the Russian Empire were presented to the public. These artifacts of Makash akim, who did a good deed for the colonial tsarist government and the native people, and were highly respected in the country, were brought from the funds of the Local History Museum of Atyrau region.

"Jewelry in the culture of the Great Steppe" exposition in Zhylyoi district

Presentation of "Jewelry in the culture of the Great Steppe" exposition of the Local History Museum of Atyrau region continued in Zhylyoi district after Kurmangazy, Issatay, Inder districts.
At the opening ceremony in the exhibition hall of the district museum akim of the district Khalel Zhamalov noted the high historical value of the masterpieces and wished success to the exhibition. Kuantkan Sanakhayeva, a veteran of the museum industry, who has her own signature in the collection of historical values of Zhylyoi district, spoke at the cultural meeting, emphasizing that it is our duty to preserve the heritage of our ancestors and pass it on from generation to generation. The event was also attended by representatives of the district culture and veterans, members of the Mothers' Council under the district akim and art lovers.
Akim of the district Khalel Zhamalov and Honorary Citizen of Zhylyoi district, veteran of culture Nurdaulet Aknazarov opened the exhibition. Bazargul Khansultanova, an ethnographer of the Local History Museum of Atyrau region, presented the jewelry and praised the priceless value of historical artifacts.
After the presentation in the district center, the traveling exhibition continued its work in the villages of Zhem, Zhana Karaton, Kosshagyl, Kara Arna.

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