The library of Atyrau regional local history museum is a documentation center where special research and methodical literature are collected. Its main duty istightly intertwined with main function of museum as special scientific research and cultural-educational institution. It has worked since 1989.

  The basic holdings of museum consists of 2735 examples of books. This is scientific, professional, reference, fine literature. Contemporary professional literature  was published by edition on the theory and history of art, museum affairs, Applied and Decorative Arts,  fine art, cultural studies, regional history and nature. As well as books about the Great Patriotic War, well-known writers and poets, books of republican publishing house “Makhambet Foundation” on archeology, ethnography, religionwere collected.

The catalogues and card file of library are a united system interrelated, complementaryandrevealing holdings of library in different aspects. The system of  catalogues and card files involves reader's card file, reader’s and official catalogue, thematic card file.    

The museum research stuff and specialists serve museum library readers.  Museum’s holdings are encyclopedias, references, professional scientific literature granting almost all the information requests.

The library of Atyrau regional local history museum is an important part of museum information system.

Local history museum of Atyrau region

Atyrau city, street B.Momyshuly 3.

Tel. 8 (7122) 32-36-64, 8 (7122) 32-29-12