One of the unique works from the collections of traditional art collected in the museum's funds is the collection of precious metals. (jewelry). These include types of silver rings, flat silver fastener , pectoral, bracelets, belts for men and women, gold jewelry from the clothing of the Golden man, etc.

Embossed belts of D. Nurpeyissova.

Silver embossed belt of the great composer, kyuishi D. Nurpeyissova was handed over to the museum by her son M.Nurpeyissov in 1965.

Matchmaker’s ring - round shape, silver.

As of respect of matchmakers to each other, ring is put on two fingers. It used to make in the end of XIX- beginning of XX century. G.Abilgaziyeva handed over the mother’s ring to the museum in 1978.

Silver button. It was made by the uncertain jeweler in the Bokey Horde in the XIX century. It wazs handed over to the museum in 1971.

Silver belt fastener. XX century.

Silver plates are attached to the brown leather.

Silver pectoral. XIX century.

Jewelry for wearing on collar. The resident of Kulsary, Atyrau region, A. Alzhanova handed over to it to the museum in 1981.

Crescent-shaped fastener. XIX century.

A resident of the city, B. Bekenova, handed over  to the museum in 1982.

Fastener.  XX c.

Black-and-white, acetic. There is a mark " П.М ", "84" on the fastener. It was accepted to the museum in 1984.

Oval silver ring. XIX century.

Zh.Aliyev handed over it to the museum in 1986.

Topsales staples. In the XIX century.

In 1992, a resident of Atyrau, M. Bekbolayev, gave it to the Museum.

Hinged bracelets.

It was engraved by vinegar method in 1929. The heritage remaining from the mother-in-law was handed over to the museum in 1999 by daughter-in-law A. Konbayeva.

Silver suspensions. XX century.

Jewelries suspending from a temple. In 2000, The resident of Makhambet village of Atyrau region, S. Orynbassarov handed over to the museum the jewelry used by his mother.

Silver bracelet. XIX c.

Black painting. The bracelet was embossed by the resident of Zhylyoi district of Atyrau region jeweler Bilik.  It was handed over to the museum in 2011.

Silver talismansXX century.

It is divided into two parts and cylinder shaped with a lockable lid for putting the talisman and made by spinning method. The resident of Aral city of Kyzylorda region K. Kulmambetov handed over to the museum in 2001.

Rough footed horse with toothpick. Silver.  XX century.

In the form of an owl nail. One toothpick and one ear cleaner are secured through seven chains. The resident of Almaty A. Dauletov handed over to the Museum in 2002.

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