Coin (metal) money includes copper, silver and gold. The coins were in different shapes. Coin form is their latest form. The front side of the coin is the obverse, the back side is the reverse, and the sides is the milling.

The Fund of the Local History Museum of Atyrau Region contains collections of coins of the medieval, the Soviet period (XVIII, XIX, XX centuries) and for the years of independence.

Collection of medieval coins

numizmatika01 numizmatika02

Yelkhan Mahmoud Gazan’s gold coin. The Shiraz mint. The year of the Hijra, that is, 690 (1291 and 1292). It was found in the medieval Aktobe Laeti settlement.


Silver coins of Tokty Khan (1290-1312). Saray-al-Mahrous mint. As per the Hijra 710 years (1310-1311).


Collection of medieval coins

It was found during the excavations of local historian V. K. Afanasiyev in 1958-1976 in the settlement of Sarayshyk. Atyrau region, Makhambet district.

Coins of the Soviet period

numizmatika05 numizmatika06

"Denga" coins minted in 1735

numizmatika07 numizmatika08

Denga" coins minted in 1737

numizmatika09 numizmatika10

"2 kopeika" coins minted in 1800

numizmatika11 numizmatika12

"2 kopeika" coins minted in 1827

numizmatika13 numizmatika14

"2 kopeika in silver" coins minted in 1843

numizmatika15 numizmatika16

"Ruble" coin minted in 1897


numizmatika17 numizmatika18 

"15 kopeika" coins minted in 1902

numizmatika19 numizmatika20

"20 kopeika" minted in 1916

numizmatika21 numizmatika22

"One fifty" minted in 1925

numizmatika23 numizmatika24

"5 kopeyek" coins minted in 1951


Coins of different years of the Soviet period

Set of coins for the years of independence

numizmatika26 numizmatika27

10 tiyn. 1993. The Republic of Kazakhstan.

numizmatika28 numizmatika29

20 tiyn. 1993. The Republic of Kazakhstan.

numizmatika30 numizmatika31

50 tiyn. 1993. The Republic of Kazakhstan.

Paper money signs that have a nominal value, that is, value signs that replace full money in circulation. The state issues it to cover its expenses. The Museum has collections of paper money (samples) from the Soviet period to the modern period.

dengi01 dengi02

Paper money "500 rubles" of 1912

dengi03 dengi04

Paper money "50 rubles" of 1899

dengi05 dengi06

Paper money "25 rubles" of 1909

dengi07 dengi08

Paper money "1 ruble" of 1898

dengi09 dengi10

 3 tenge of 1993. Series AA0000000

dengi11 dengi12

5 tenge of 1993. Series AA0000000

 dengi13 dengi14

/"25 rubles" (exchange) paper money in 1919. The City of Elizavetgrad

dengi15 dengi16

Paper money "Ten rubles" of 1947

dengi17 dengi18

The original money of the Republic of Kazakhstan is 10 tenge. A0000000 series 1993

dengi19 dengi20

The original money of Kazakhstan - 20 tenge. 1993. Series A0000000

dengi21 dengi22

The original money of Kazakhstan is 50 tenge. 1993 Series No. 0000064

dengi23 dengi24

The original money of Kazakhstan is 100 tenge .1993. Series No. 0000060

dengi25 dengi26

The original money of Kazakhstan is 200 tenge. 1993. Series No. 0000062

dengi27 dengi28

Sample of 10,000 tenge of the Republic of Kazakhstan

dengi29 dengi30

Samples of original money of the Republic of Kazakhstan 5000 tenge (2 pieces)





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