Atyrau regional local history museum was opened by the resolution about opening of regional museum No. 23 dated 22 July 1939 of the Guryev regional advisory committee of Kazakh SSR high counsel presidium. On 5 November 1940itwas officially opened on the place of240 cube meters former church (it was formed in 1886, today Aiteke bi, former Ordzhonikidze St, building No.14) and wondered spectators with 300 memorabilias.

The museum was removed totwo floor building of the cultural and educational schoolNo.3in the B.Momyshuly Street on September 3, 1993 relating to 100 years of Kazakhstan oil. The total square of the building is 365 square meters, expositional square is 916.72, and fund-keeping department is 89.19 square meters. The President of the republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev took part in opening of museum and left his autograph.

The place of local history is the center of the city; the museum gives the people an opportunity to get familiar with their history and opportunity for staff to show the history in all its history taking the start from the ancient time.

Today there are 59 298 (01.07.2016) (including department 93040) memorabilia in fund of museum that is a source of information.

Museum has 9 departments, 3 district, 1 municipal, 4 ruraland 1 historical park in action. They are:

- Kurmangazy district museum

- Isatay district museum

- Inder district museum

- Paleontology museum

- Kh.Yergaliyev museum

- Yeltay rural museum

- “Military rank” museum named after B.Nysanbayev

- Literature and memorial museum named after Makhambet Utemisov

- History park named after M.Utemisov

Scientific fund, general and present historical periods research, archeology research, ethnography and local nature research, expositional and exhibition work, excursion and mass work departments work in the museum.

Today’s museum valuable memorabilia is offered to the spectator’s attention through “Mysterious era”, “Ethnography”, “Archeology”, “Local nature”, “Local History XII-XX c I half”, “The Great Patriotic War 1941-1945”, “Local culture and literature”, “Independency of Kazakhstan”exposition room.

Local history museum of Atyrau region

Atyrau city, street B.Momyshuly 3.

Tel. 8 (7122) 32-36-64, 8 (7122) 32-29-12