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«Kazakh dala örkenetinіn madeni codes»

On April 13, 2023, at the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, under the chairmanship of the Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan A.R. Oralov, a meeting was held with the participation of the heads of local executive bodies and regional heads of museums on the implementation of the project of holding an international exhibition in the Louvre of France on the topic “Kazakh dala örkenetinіn madeni codes” planned for 2026.

«Gazet - Omir Ainasy»

On April 5, at 11.00 o'clock, the local history museum of Atyrau region hosted the opening of a temporary exhibition "Gazet - Omir Ainasy" in honor of the 100th anniversary of the regional socio-political newspaper "ATYRAŶ".

«Kustar - zhaksylyktyn zharshysy»

On April 3, at the Atyrau Regional Museum of Local History, an educational lesson on the topic "Kustar - zhaksylyktyn zharshysy" was held on the occasion of April 1 - World Bird Protection Day.

Korzhyn exhibition

In the local history museum of the Atyrau region, from January 13 to 22, on the basis of the museum fund, in order to glorify Kazakh national values, a temporary exhibition was held on the theme “Ulttyk koloner tarbie kozi”.

About 20 korzhyns and kermes were hung at the exhibition, demonstrating the best examples of textile products of the Kazakh people. Through this exhibition, the diversity of the traditional weaving culture of our people was shown, information was given on the materials and techniques for making products, their scope, and household functions.

   Korzhyn made of wool, felt and pile, as well as kerme of various shapes were presented at the exhibition. One of them is korzhyn, donated by the former akim of Astana Tasmagambetov Imangali Nurgaliuly in 1999 on the occasion of the relocation of the local history museum of Atyrau region to a new building. Korzhyn is made of wool and woven without lint. It is made in a square shape, red-brown in color, the surface is patterned, the hem is fringed.

Korzhyn, woven by this method of carpet weaving, was made by Janylsyn Taganova, a retired craftswoman from the village of Kosshagil in the city of Atyrau. Korzhyn was transferred to the museum fund in 1978. The surface of the korzhyn is piled, red in color and has a diamond-shaped pattern.

Another type of basket on display is the kuda korzhyn. This basket was made by craftswoman Azima Zhamambayeva in 1990 using the face weaving method, and the surface is woven with a face weaving pattern of red, green, blue and yellow threads. Two drawstring pockets in the middle. Korzhyn was acquired in 2007 in order to replenish the museum collection with ethnographic artifacts.

Another basket is the work of Balkunshe Kurmanovna, a Kazakh craftswoman exiled to Karakalpakstan in 1931 during a famine. Kulmyshev Sandibay, her grandson, kept this product for many years. In 2017, this artifact was transferred to the museum fund.

Some exhibits were also exhibited at this exhibition. In 1990, Atyrau resident Nakov Akylberdi collected one of them as a collection of Mangistau people, as well as Kazakhs who immigrated from Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Mongolia. Kerme is woven and sewn using the carpet weaving method and the tykyr technique. The surface is woven with red, dark brown, orange thread, and the lining is decorated with light woolen thread. Kerme was transferred to the museum fund in 2019.

Tektilik tugyrynan taimagan

On January 20, an evening was held at the Kurmangazy Palace of Culture, at which the presentation of the book of memoirs “Tektilik tugyrynan taimagan” dedicated to the Honorary Citizen of Atyrau Region, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Oryngali Karasaev, with details of the life of a famous person.

The evening was attended by the wife of Oryngali Musauly - Dametiya Karasaeva, akim of the region Serik Shapkenov and representatives of the intelligentsia well-known in our region, and the audience was shown a documentary film revealing the civil character of the veteran. After that, a book written about his life path was presented, with memories of the hero.

During the event, the visitors of the evening viewed a traveling exhibition dedicated to Oryngali Karasaev, prepared by the local history museum of Atyrau region.

This exhibition presented information about the youth, early career and activities of Oryngali Musauli, photographs of his parents and family, state awards and service certificates, orders and medals, books and manuscripts, a collection of articles, as well as his personal belongings (hat and tie, desktop writing set, glasses, pen, notepad, leather folder).

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