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Students competed in storytelling

In respect of the announcement of 2022 as the "Year of the Child" by President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, the Local Museum History of Atyrau region held a fairy tale contest "In the land of fairy tales" for children aged 8-10. Pupils of Atyrau urban school and Tandai rural school of Makhambet district took part in the competition of reciting Kazakh folk tales.
At the end of the competition, which provided students with folklore fairy tales, thereby developing their vocabulary and imagination, following students were awarded the titles: Gibrat Yesengazy, a student of Karshiga Akhmediyarov secondary school in Tandai village of Makhambet district - “Prince of a fairy-tale world”, Assel Makhsot, a student of №41 school-gymnasium in Atyrau - “The most beautiful taleteller», №36 schoolgirl Inkar Yelzhan - «Princess of the fairy-tale world», №2 Zhumeken Nazhimedenov high school student Inzhu Kuanyshevna - «Master of artistic speech», №31 school-gymnasium student Nuraina Temirbek - «The smartest taleteller», Makash Bekmukhamedov secondary school student Gulnur Boris - "The most welcomed in the fairy-tale world", Assemai Boris - "The youngest taleteller".
Sabyr Nyssanbay, a student of Zhumeken Nazhimedenov secondary school, was awarded the diploma of the III degree in the "Fairy Tale Land" competition, and Ademi-ay Alim, a student of Aliya Moldagulova secondary school, was awarded the diploma of the II degree. 9-year-old Danagul Mukhit, a 4th grade student of Karshiga Akhmediyarov Secondary School in Tandai village of Makhambet district, won the main prize of the I degree.
Acting head of the Local history museum of Atyrau region Dinara Bissembayeva, deputy head of the regional children's library Aitolkyn Kabiyeva, a specialist of the museum's research department Svetlana Nurpeissova judged the competition.

“Silver-jeweled girl” artifact was presented to the students

The local history museum of Atyrau region hosted an informative lesson "Silver-jeweled girls’ dowry". The lecture was attended by 11th grade students of school-gymnasium of Atyrau. The lecture included a detailed presentation of "Silver-jeweled girl" artifacts found in the Miyaly (Zhankeldy) mound in Kyzylkoga district during the excavations of the archeological expedition by the museum in 2020 and the silver jewelries of a bridle buried with the corpse.
The lesson is divided into five stages. At "Information" stage, students got acquainted with the features of the valuable artifacts in the exhibition hall of the museum, found in earth’s interior, and its progress of the study through slides on the LED screen. At “I am a traveller” stage, they enjoyed seeing the jewelry and the silver patches of the horse's bridle belonged to " Silver-jeweled girl" artifacts exposed in “Archeology” expositional hall. They also saw a silver earring and a talisman, iron scissors and a broken piece of knife found near the skeleton. Elmira Ibragimova, a lecturer and historian-archaeologist of the museum's research department, gave detailed information about other exhibits during the tour through halls; at “I am an historian” stage, she put the questions on observed artifacts and information given in the course of the tour. In addition, at "I am a re-enactor" stage, students are divided into two groups and make a cut-out picture "Who is faster?" and at "I am an archaeologist" stage, students played a game of digging pottery fragments buried in the ground.
At the end of the lecture, students toured other halls of the museum, and the tutor of the students, history teacher Shynar Badanova thanked the museum staff.

"Archeology" exposition hall was opened

"Archeology" exposition hall was reconstructed and opened in the Local History Museum of Atyrau region, which promotes the history of relics, found in burial mounds of Araltobe, Miyaly, Borsyk, Kylysh, Sarykamys, Imankara, Kudaibergen during the archeological excavations in Atyrau region, and culture, civilization, achievements of nomadic tribes, covering IV c. BC and XI c. AC.
The opening ceremony was attended by Alau Akhmetzhanov, author of the restored statues of Sak and Hun warriors, Manager of the creative group "Tarkhan” Center for Historical Reconstruction", Assiya Kystaubayeva, Deputy Head of the Regional Department of Culture, Language Development and Archives, Nurbergen Dauletov, the Head of “Akzhelken” limited liability company, a sponsor of expositional hall, members of the scientific council of the museum, historians, local historians and students.
In the reconstructed exposition hall there are exhibits found during archeological excavations carried out by the expedition group formed at the Local history museum of Atyrau region in different years. The spectators enjoyed seeing the "Golden Man" named "Sarmat leader" found in 1999 in the Araltobe burial complex in Zhylyoi district, the reconstruction of a golden-clad woman named "Pearl of the Great Steppe" found in Miyaly burial mound in Kyzylkoga district in 2017, reconstructed sculpture of warriors of the Sak and the Hun tribes, silver ornaments of a girl and silver patches of a horse's bridle found in the mounds of Miyaly (Zhangeldy) in 2020, a model of the Araltobe mound.
The hall is beautifully decorated with scenes reminiscent of the Early Iron Age and some moments of excavations as well as swords and akinaks, beads and sharpeners found in Araltobe and Imankara mounds, ceramic jugs and vessels, bone spoons, gold (copy) and silver jewelry found in Miyaly and Sarykamys mounds, bronze-cast four-handled cauldrons and bronze mirrors found in Borsyk, Kylysh and Miyaly mounds, honey-stones of the IV-V centuries found in Kyzyl-Uyik near Koschagyl, and presented to public.
On top of that, the spectators enjoyed seeing the a bronze belt head in the shape of arkhar, a bone needle box, a bronze belt buckle, decorated patches in the form of quiver, a tostagan, a ceramic jug, a bone spoon, a birch shield, animal, bird and pyramid-shaped gold patches (72% gold), reconstructed face of the Sarmatian leader and a woman of the Sarmatian epoch.
In total, 505 exhibits registered in the museum fund in the exhibition hall "Archeology". 485 of them were taken from the main fund and 20 from the additional fund.

Informative lecture on the Kylysh mounds

The Local History Museum of Atyrau region held an informative lecture by the museum on the excavations carried out on the Kylysh mounds, which are historical monuments of the region.​

The peculiarities and historical value of the mound, located 22 km from the village Zharsuat Inder district and the relics found in the mound are explained on the informative lesson. The lecture was attended by high school students of Sh. Ualikhanov Secondary School № 9. Nurbakhyt Zhenissov, a master of historical sciences, led the teenagers who were interested in getting acquainted with the history of the region.

First of all, the participants were shown a video about the excavations carried out by the Local History Museum of Atyrau region, and explained the methods of research through a slide presentation. The exhibits found in the Kylysh mounds - a bronze mirror with the image of an eight-legged dragon, a four-eared bronze cauldron, ceramic vessels.

Yerlan Tilekkabylov, a junior researcher of the museum's research support department, gave a detailed overview of the mounds, excavations and research on historical artifacts in the region. At the end of the lesson, students received answers to their questions on the topic.

A evening dedicated to the writer-teacher

The Local History Museum of Atyrau region hosted a meeting dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the poet, doctor of philological sciences, professor Kadyr Zhussup.​

At the cultural event, which was attended by an exemplary writer-teacher, first of all, a video was shown, which provides information about the life of the jubilee. After that, the students of 8 "a" class of the National Gymnasium for Gifted Children in Atyrau recited the poet's verses and gave the evening its own color.

Then, a well-known writer, member of the Writers' Union, local historian Tolegen Zhanabay spoke about the creative achievements of Kadyr Otegenuly, who devoted more than 60 years of his life to teaching. At the end of the wish, he recited new poems dedicated to the young owner. Professor of Khalel Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Shakhman Nagymov spoke about the moral qualities of the great teacher. He spoke about his own position in discipleship, civic appearance, hard work, and outstanding work in the field of science.

In turn, the head of the Local History Museum of Atyrau region Rashida Kharipova expressed her best wishes to Kadyr Otegenuly and presented him with a memorable gift on behalf of the museum staff. The writer-teacher, who is in his eighties, donated a collection of books written at different times to the museum fund.

At the end of the evening, the writer-teacher, who is the "Honorary Citizen of Atyrau region", the owner of the Order "Parassat", told about the milestones of his life, expressed his sincere gratitude to the staff of the museum.

A meeting of the Academic Council

A meeting of the Academic Council was held in the Local History Museum of Atyrau region.

The meeting was attended by members of the Academic Council, museum workers and representatives of the media. Rashida Kharipova, head of the Local History Museum of Atyrau region, presented the composition of the members of the academic council. During the meeting, thematic reports on the agenda items were presented.

At a meeting of the Academic Council of the Local History Museum of Atyrau region, the chief curator of the fund D. Bissembayeva introduced the report on the work done by the Local History Museum of Atyrau region for 2021. At present, the number of exhibits of the regional museum fund is 63,818 units, in departments - 35,791 units, a total of 99,609 exhibits. Listing the large-scale events held during the year, the achievements of the museum and the museum staff were noted.

Then Elmira Mukhambetkaliyeva, head of the museum's paleontology department, introduced the scientific concept of the "Paleontology" exposition hall, which is being opened in the building of the Local History Museum of Atyrau region. The hall that opens will present the history of the study of paleontology, the history of the development of the Earth, ancient plants and animals, as well as animal skeletons found in the region.

And the head of the department of research support (General history, archeology and ethnography) of the museum, Aidos Kalshabayev, analyzed the concept of the archeology exposition hall being created. He told the history, characteristics, values ​​of the finds during excavations in our region. In the hall that was opened, they worked out the arrangement of exhibits from the museum's funds.

During the meeting, the head of the Local History Museum of Atyrau region, Rashida Kharipova, acquainted the members of the Academic Council with the museum’s work plan for 2022, in the end, the members of the Academic Council expressed their views and proposals on the issues on the agenda

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