Asyl dombyra - in Atyrau

On January 20 2023 the collection of exhibits of the local history museum of the Atyrau region was replenished with "Asyl dombra".

In 2022, on the stage of the theater of traditional art "Alatau" on the slopes of Alatau, organized by the Agency "Khabar" and the public fund "Asyltas", a competition of akyns "Asyl dombyra - 2022" was held. 17 regions and 3 cities from all over the country took part in it in total. Among them there were akyns from Atyrau, who defended the honor of the region, which reached the final of the republican competition and were named in the top.

During the creative competition, our akyns Shynarbek Kabiev, Syrymbek Sarsembaev, Shalkarbay Izbasarov entered the Atyrau squad, which defeated the akyns of Astana, Akmola, Kyzylorda, and in the final stage performed on a par with the artists of the Zhambyl region. Chairman of the board of the «Khabar Agency» JSC Berik Uali, chairman of the Assyltas public fund Dulat Tastekeyev, first deputy chairman of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, akyn Akberen Elgezek, and akyn Shugayyp Sezimkhandar specially arrived to present "Asyl dombyra" to the local history museum of the Atyrau region.

Deputy akim of the Atyrau region Zhasulan Bisembiev spoke at the ceremony, expressing sincere gratitude to the guests who came to present "Asyl dombyra" and wishing creative success to outstanding akyns. After the wishes of the honored guests to the aityskers, akyn Akberen Elgezek handed "Asyl dombyra" to the head of the local history museum of Atyrau region Mukhambetkali Kipiev. Akyns, who performed in Alaman, were awarded letters of thanks from Khabar Agency JSC and the «Assyltas» Public Foundation.

At the end of the event, the guests visited the exposition halls of our museum.

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