"Let's be rich and powerful!"

The opening ceremony of the traveling exhibition "Let's be rich and powerful!", dedicated to the 70thanniversary of Kazakh journalist Nurtileu Imangaliuly,was heldat the Local History Museum of Atyrau Regionon September 6, 2022.
The presentation ribbon of the exhibition was cut by Deputy Akim of Atyrau region Zhassulan Bissembiyev, a Hero of Labor of Kazakhstan, a composer Ilya Zhakanov, Nurtileu Imangaliuly's wife Karlygash Tabuldinova, soul brother-friend Amantay Bergaliyev; it wasaimed at publicizing the role in society and significant works ofa winner of the Order of "Parassat", an Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, an Honored Journalist of Kazakhstan, a winner of the Kazakhstan Union of Journalists award and "Golden Star" award, an Honored Professor the Kazakh National Academy of Art Nurtileu Imangaliuly.
First of all, the audience gathered at the exhibition was treated to a theatrical scene called "Meeting with Atyrau Residents", where an actor of the Makhambet Academic Theater performed the role of Nurtileu Imangaliuly and his voice acting.
After that, Deputy Akim of Atyrau region Zhassulan Bissembiev, who made speech first, said that the creative path of the journalist, who was in the field of Kazakh television, remains a great example for all young professionals of the television industry.
- Nurtileu Imangaliuly is one of the citizens who brought innovation to
Kazakh television, being the author of many outstanding TV programs and projects. He also worked a lot in promoting Kazakh traditions. Therefore, the organization of such an event in Atyrau land has its own pattern.
Next, Balaussa Khalelova, Deputy Director of the Atyrau regional branch of "Kazakhstan-Atyrau" RTRCshared her memories of the ardent journalist. At that time, he reminisced with excitement the vivid moments of his interview with Nurtileu Imangaliuly in the TV program "Our Hero" presented by the "Kazakhstan-Atyrau" TV channel.
And the well-known journalist Kanat Auesbay, who was his brother- colleague for many years, distinguished the civil and human qualities of a talented person and told memories of the times he worked with Nurtileu Imangaliuly.
After that, Nurtileu Imangaliuly's wife, Karlygash Sovetkhankyzy, expressed her best wishes and expressed her gratitude to the Regional Akimat and the museum staff, who supported the exhibition.

In addition, Nurtileu Imangaliuly's brother-friend, an honored figure of Kazakhstan, an "Honored Citizen" of Inder district Amantay Bergaliyev, a Kazakhstan's Labor Hero, a composer Ilya Zhakanov, the chairman of the Atyrau regional branch of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan, Koyshigul Zhylkyshiyev expressed their heartfelt thoughts at the start of the event.
The traveling exhibition was attended by representatives of the intelligentsia of the region, veterans of the publishing and television industry, representatives of the culture industry and media workers, students.
At the exhibition open to residents and guests of Atyrau from September 6 to 27, Nurtileu Imangaliuly's broadcast clothes, cameras and film recorders, state and holiday awards, books and watches, personal manuscripts and desktop items, service certificates and personal documents, sports clothes and used items of Nurtileu Imangaliuly were presented. About 200 personal belongings were put on public notice.

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