Otyrar exhibition in Atyrau

 The grand opening of the mobile exhibition "The Great Silk Road and the Medieval Civilization of the Otyrar Plain" organized by the "Otyrar" State Archaeological Museum-Reserve was held in the Local History Museum Atyrau Region on August 4.
During the event, which was attended by intellectuals and famous historians of the region, members of the scientific council of the museum, representatives of cultural institutions, Assiya Kystaubayeva, Acting Head of the Department of Culture, Language Development and Archives of Atyrau region, spoke first and extended her regard to the employees of the State Archaeological Museum-Reserve "Otyrar", who brought valuable relics to Zhayik on behalf of Atyrau residents; and she wished success in the work of the mobile exhibition, which reveals the secrets of the past history of our people and presents complete and accurate information.
After that, the director of the State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Sarayshik" Abilseyit Muktar said that the history of the relics found in the ancient medieval city is in harmony with the city of Sarayshik, and said that such exhibitions bring spiritual nourishment to the hearts of local residents.
Next, Director of the State Archaeological Museum-Reserve “Otyrar”, Zhankeldy Makashov, elaborated the historical place of Otyrar city in the world civilization, and described the features of the artifacts to be exhibited.
Acting Head of the Local History Museum of Atyrau Region, Dinara Bissembayeva, in her turn, presented 5-volumed book on the valuable relics of the Atyrau region to the team of the State Archaeological Museum-Reserve"Otyrar" and "Letter of Gratitude" wishing the two cultural groups to develop creative relations further ahead.
After that, the honor of cutting the presentation ribbon of the mobile exhibition was given to Assiya Kystaubayeva, the Acting Head of the Atyrau Region Department of Culture, Language Development and Archives, Zhankeldy Makashov, Director of the State Archaeological Museum-Reserve “Otyrar”, and Dinara Bissembayeva, the Acting Head of the Local History Museum of Atyrau Region.
During the event, the art amateurs of the Kurmangazy Palace of Culture presented their art to the public.
The exhibition, which provided information about the medieval city of Otyrar located along the Great Silk Road to the residents and guests of the city of Atyrau, presented the valuable artifacts found during excavations in the historical city, served visitors to the museum from August 4-29.
The exhibition, which provides detailed information about the city of Otyrar, where the famous thinker Al-Farabi was born, includes types of candlesticks of the 10-12 centuries, pots and jars with handles made in various styles, parts of water pipes, decorative mugs, lids of various shapes, bowls and plates, an inkwell and cup, a collection of beads and buttons found in the medieval city were presented.
In addition, Tashkent, Yassy, Bukhara, Samarkand, Shagatay, Karakhanid, Kytay tenge and dirhams found in the ancient city were put on public notice.
At the exhibition, the audience could see various vessels and glass vases made of Alambik glass, inscribed casings and patterned bricks covering the buildings of the ancient city, palette and spherical cone, and Chinese dishes made of celadon porcelain. The work "Diwani Hikmet" found in the city, the grammar work "Tartibi Zibo" of that era and the religious books of "Mulla Kassym" were put on public viewing as an integral part of the exhibition.
In general, the mobile exhibition, which includes more than 80 artifacts in chronological order, consists of two parts. In the first part, the results of researches describing the life in Otyrar during the 191-12th cc. and the original relic typical to those periods are collected; the second part contains material relics that inform about the development periods of Otyrar during the reign of the famous Sultan Amir Temir and the Kazakh Khanate.

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