Literary event on the theme "Men Yegeuli Naizamyn Yegeskenge" devoted to the "Day of History"

 On March 17, a literary event on the theme “Men egeuli naizamyn yegeskenge” dedicated to Makhambet poems took place in M. Utemissov Literary-Memorial, Historical Museum-Reserve, as part of a 10-day event dedicated to the celebration of the great holiday of Nauryz, on the Day of Memory of History.

The purpose of the event is broadly enlightening of the heritage the outstanding batyr, poet M. Utemissov for  the younger generation.

 The literary event was attended by the duty class of Makhambet secondary school and students and teachers of grades 5-8 studying online. During the event, poems such as "Zhakiya", "Ukinish", "Men men, men edim", "Kun ayda?", “Mingeni Issataydyn Aktaban ay” and other were read. Also, video on poetical features of Makhambet Utemissov was demonstrated. The content and role of his poems were described.

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