A meeting with mothers of the village devoted to "Day of Commemoration of Ancestors and Blessings" was held On March 16

March 16 - "Day of commemoration of ancestors and blessings."

In the concept of celebrating Nauryz, it was said about the need to celebrate this day as "Mother's Day", "Father's Day", as well as "Family Day" and to instill in children the value of the holiday from an early age. On this day, the Eltai village museum of the Local History Museum of Atyrau region held an reunion evening with the mothers of the village on the topic "Ana omir shuagy" (Mother is a light of life).

Purpose: To instill in the younger generation that all the best in the world spreads from the light of the sun and from the kindness of a mother. Increase love for your homeland through love for your mother. Strengthening the bond between mother and child.

The event was attended by a resident of the village of Yeltai, a pensioner Siguatova Muksina Siguatovna, a veteran of the health care Toremuratova Sara Kabdrashevna, a teacher of the "Kyzgaldak" nursery-kindergarten Amangaliyeva Assylzada Kanatovna and senior students of M. Siranov secondary school,  staff of Eltai rural library and a house of culture.

During the meeting, mothers were asked situational questions about the relationship between the mother and the child, about the upbringing of children at the present time, about the relationship between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law.

At the reunion evening, which is of great educational importance for the younger generation, the staff of the Togzhanova Zhannan museum, the 7th grade student of M. Siranov secondary school Abzal Zhannur sang songs, and the mothers, in turn, gave their blessings.

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