Archeology ІІ

We know about the past of human being and historical events studying historical records.

In 1949 an archeological expedition was primarily arranged under supervision of A.Kh.Margulan. After diggings in Saraichik the expedition was led by Z.Samashev and other researchers. The human memory has kept a beauty of images in poetic form:

    “Saraichik songs like a goose squawk

     Nogai girls are so kind

     that they give water and honey to the every thirsty man”

The showpieces found in a medieval town Saraichik were presented to the exposition: ovenware, water wheel vessels, jewels, coins and facing plates. 


The model of Saraichik town




The most valuable showpiece of the museum is  a khumcha jar found in Saraichik. The outside of jar has below fragments of dogmatic poem “Kutty bilik” (Beneficial education) of famous eastern poet Yusuf  Balasaguni.

On the top of survived part:

“Beauty of human is face,

 Beauty of this face is eyes,

 Beauty of mouth is tongue

 Beauty of this tongue is word”

Inscription on the broken part of jar:

         “Also beauty of human is

Knowledge and art.

The human must sacrifice

His life for knowledge”


   In the middle of jar:

“Inside of the jar you may shed tears”


A water supply was developed in Saraichik. The evidence is found  remains of water wheel vessels



A cap made of eggshell china (celadon)


As well as there are  showpieces found in the result of archeological excavation in the medieval village Korgansha and the largest archeological monument of the golden Horde – Aktobe Laeti in the expositional room. Aktobe Laeti caravan fortress is located on the way from Povolzhye to Khoresm, the Middle Asia and further.


Beads were presented for the attention of viewers in the expositional room.



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