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The Museum's collections contain historical ancient books of the XVIII-XIX centuries, literary and religious books.

Book. P. S. Pallas. "Journey to different places of the Russian state". In 1769. It was accepted into the Museum's Fund in 1976.

Book. "Instructions for strengthening positions" No. 3643. Headquarters of The Supreme Commander-In-Chief. City of Petrograd. In 1916. G. A. Adayev, a resident of Atyrau, handed over to the Museum's Fund in 2014.

Book. R. Viller. "Book of the history of the middle ages with historical maps". Moscow. 1910. A resident of Atyrau A. Nurgaliyev handed over to the Museum's Fund in 2005

Book. K. V. Danilevskiy, E. V. Rudnitskiy. "Ural-Caspian region" (local history guide). Uralsk city, the printing house of "Gubono". 1927. The history, geography, economy of the Ural-Caspian region and life of the Russian people. A resident of Atyrau M. Yergaliyev handed over to the museum in 2009.

Book. "Big Emba" II vol. Materials on transport and water resources of the Ural Emba region. Moscow-Leningrad printing house. In 1938. A resident of the Inder district Kh. Kamashev. Handed over to the museum in 2009

Koran Book. "Kalam sharif". City of Kazan. "Karim" printing house. 1910. A resident of Kulsary M. Demessinov handed over to the museum's fund in 2010.

Koran Book. 1901. A resident of Atyrau M. Baidakova handed over to the museum's fund in 2007.

Koran Book. With inscription: Rustembayuly Nurmukhambet. The book is written in Arabic. A resident of Atyrau M. Gainelov handed over to  the museum in 2007.


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