Musical instruments

The museum's collections contain several types of musical instruments. Among them: dombra, zhetigen, kobyz, sybyzgy, sazsyrnay, tastauyk, accordion, balalaika, the mandolin etc.

Tastauyk (whistle) - an ancient Kazakh musical instrument. Blue colored, birdlike instrument with three sound hole is made of natural clay. The resident of the village of Taisoygan of the Kyzylkoga district of Atyrau region S. Nurniyazov handed over to the museum in 2006.


Sazsyrnay was made by K. Karabdolov who was engaged in restoring the technology and traditions of the ancient Otyrar pottery art. Sample copy. South Kazakhstan region.Shauildir. 1986.


It was made on the example of musical instrument of the ancient Kazakh people. The resident of Atyrau K. Shapabayev, a craftsman, made it and handed over to 2013.

Bone dombra. XIX century.

On the top of the wooden dombra, silver and bone plates are pasted, decorated with a pattern of the West Kazakhstan sample. The heritage kept during the years was handed over by the resident of Makhambet district of Atyrau region T. Lekerov to the museum in 1975.  

Dombra of the honored worker of Kazakhstan, composer, distinguished teacher, conductor Seyilkhan Kussaiynov. It was handed over to the museum in 2001.

Dombra of the people's writer of Kazakhstan Khamit Yergaliyev. N.Ulkenbayuly handed over to the museum in 2001.

Private dombra of people's artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor Karshyga Akhmediyarov. It was handed over to the museum in 2000.

Dombra of the people's artist of the Kazakh SSR, singer-Zhusipbek Yelebekov. I. Tasmagambetov handed over to the museum in 2003.

Dombra of kyuishi Kamal Makayuly. I. Tasmagambetov handed over to the museum in 2014.

Kobyz of the honored worker of culture of the Kazakh SSR Raushan Nurpeyissova. Master -Veniamin Romanenko. Kobyz, unused during the years, was handed over to the museum in 1992.

Copy of dombra of poet, warrior Makhambet Utemissuly

On special assignment of the Akimat of Atyrau region, a master of folk musical instruments in Kurmangazy Almaty State Conservatory Mussa Adiluly  made the dombra and handed over to the museum in 2003.

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