The head of Atyrau regional local history museum

Rashida Yerimovna Kharipova

Atyrau regional local history museum is engaged in completing a museum fund by means of arranging ethnographic expedition, excavator archaeology and, collecting, registering and keeping historical and cultural heritage as well as culturally educating people.

Museum performs its duty to complete a fund with a valuable memorabilia, research, and exposit, publicize to the spectator taking into account that museum’s place and role in society and future is connected to arranging types of activity according to a professional level of our stuffs, cultural and intellectual demand.

On this site you become acquainted with a showpiece, exposition room, department work, museum department, stuff, museum chronicle, museum history as well as you can  order a guide and arrival date in advance making a request for a ticket online.  

Another characteristic of our site is you can be acquainted with necessary information, electronic data by making a request for it online. In due time we prepare online version of your request.   

This information is for use of pupils, students, scholars, retired person also spectator.  

On this site, you can leave comments and proposals on museum work. We inform you about all the news and events in the museum.


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Schedule of work

Dear website users!

We would like to inform you that due to the emergency situation in the country, the museum will temporarily be unable to receive visitors