Information about the event "Let’s protect and appreciate nature" conducted in the Local history museum of Atyrau region

Within the framework of the article by President N.A. Nazarbayev "Future orientation: spiritual revival "Let’s protect and appreciate nature" event was organized" in the Local history museum of Atyrau region On November 24, 2017 at 10.00.

The importance of the event was to teach students how to protect the nature of their land, to cultivate kindness, charity and harmony, and to enlighten ecological literacy.

Protection of nature is one of the most important tasks of young people.

At the event, students were provided with detailed information on the current environmental situation in the region, the concept of "Environmental Protection" and remarkable works of nature, rare birds of our region, the huge wealth of our land, the world of fish, and also about plants.

During the event, the stuffed birds recorded in the Red Book of the RoK were presented: whooping swan, Dalmatian pelican, the flamingo, glossy ibis, little bustard, black-bellied sandgrouse, as well as the Caspian seal, otter, Persian gazelle and other birds and animals.

Slides about medicinal plants, birds and animals of our region were shown. And it‘s also been told about interesting facts and customs concerning the wild world of our region, questions were asked about the native land.

At the end of this event, students shared their thoughts, impressions and expressed their opinions about the problem of the environment and about their solutions.

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